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Our Museum Space

Oncyber와 Spatial 기반으로

다양한 테마의 메타버스 전시 공간 보유.

각 전시장은 ​아래의 이미지 클릭!

Our Games

99 Frames

망망대해 위에 떠 있는 방주 같은 갤러리.

An evolving colonnade of brutalist proportions is softened by the color and form of the display pieces held within. The solid walls symbolize the sturdiness, consistency, and truth, on which the blockchain is based.

A vault-like architectural metaspace to host your precious collection for all eternity, but do keep in mind, time is ticking...

A signature metaspace by the Creatives at Arqui9


사막 한가운데 있는 모던 갤러리.

The VERSES Gallery has opened its digital doors to the increasingly important NFT art world. Blending established contemporary architecture within a virtual architectural space, set within the harshest of desert environments.

Designed by REAFE STUDIO x Holly Wood NFT. 


90 Frames

십자형 공간 동선+하얀 신전같은 갤러리.

Chalk is inspired by icy vast landscapes in the North and old seaside structures in the South. Its materials are solid but soft , smooth, and warm to the touch. It’s a place you want to escape to on a sunny afternoon and dive into the most interesting pieces of art which await you behind every corner.

Designed by the folks at 494Jax, a cryptorchid of Transparent House


천정을 통해 푸른 하늘이 보이는 모던 갤러리.

Suspended in the sky, Altitude is a modern gallery overlooking a horizon of clouds.

You can use this destination to display your digital assets in a fully immersive experience

Created by 0xWolfgang, the first metaverse architect to build on Cyber.